We are a Swedish company from northern Sweden, situated a stone's throw from the Arctic circle high up in the north.


We started with a crazy idea, that we would change the thinking in weapon industry and set a new standard with our products.

After many years we have that goal in sight.


With Kalix as the seat of our company, we develop products received with great attention around the world.

You find our product Factory fitted, in distributing chains, at your local dealer.


Kalix Teknik is proud that we, as an independent Swedish company has obtained the confidence to be represented on Browning main products.


We continuously develop our company and strive to set a new standard in the arms industry with our innovative products.

Our objective is to offer innovative products  to a global market .

When we label our products with the "Made in Sweden", we mean it.

Kalix Teknik AB has a very good relationship with the industrial companies that provide us with our components.

We believe in cooperation as much as possible. It's good way to work and build a solid foundation for the future.


To have a company that we have, far from the big city crowds and stress, but still able to deliver on a global market, is something we value highly.


Live and work at Norrbottens stunning coastline is a benefit of the ordinary.

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